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As the operator of an online marketplace for vacation rentals and temporary living, an important task is to create trust.

We have taken a number of measures to meet this challenge:

Verification of the identity of guests and landlords
The identity of all landlords on our booking portal has been checked. In most cases we know our landlords personally or have regular telephone contact. New landlords have to overcome a few hurdles before their ads can be activated on our online marketplace. A spontaneous placement of unchecked apartment advertisements is therefore not possible on our online portal.

Booking inquiries from our guests are also checked for plausibility. In case of doubtful information about the person or address as well as other inquiries, we contact the guest by phone and try to resolve any ambiguities as far as this is possible by phone. If the doubts about identity cannot be resolved after a telephone call, we ask the guest to send us a copy of their ID card. In addition, a deposit in the amount of To pay 20% of the booking amount to the landlord.

Quality Guidelines
In our quality guidelines, we have defined a standard for the apartments we broker, which our landlords are generally not allowed to fall below. In the event of multiple or serious violations of our quality guidelines, we terminate the cooperation with the landlord concerned.

Alloggia 3-star system
In addition to the above minimum criteria for holiday apartments and furnished apartments, we assign a maximum of 3 stars on our portal depending on the quality and equipment of the apartments.

Contact the landlord
Before you book an apartment on our online marketplace, you can contact the landlord. On the individual apartment pages you will find a section "Ask the landlord a question". Ask your questions here and leave your name and email address. If the landlord is online, he can answer immediately there. Otherwise, he can answer your questions later via email. Many questions can also be answered immediately by the support of our portal.

Review from other guests
Landlords who have advertised apartments on our booking portal for a long time have often received some reviews from other guests in the past. Credible reviews tell you what problems have been in the past.

Technical security measures
Even if 100% security on the Internet cannot be guaranteed, extensive technical measures have been taken to protect our online marketplace against criminal activities such as E.g. hacker attacks or similar secure. Our portal has modern methods for encrypting data. The communication connections with the booking portal are also encrypted. This makes it much more difficult to eavesdrop on data. The online marketplace was also examined for known vulnerabilities (bugs and exploits) as part of a penetration test.

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