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Climate-friendly apartments

Flood disaster here - flood disaster there, the subject of "climate change" is currently in all the headlines. You are certainly already doing a lot in your private household to protect the climate. But do you also do that on vacation when you book a holiday apartment or hotel?

Please support providers of holiday apartments who are obviously doing something to protect the climate. A few years ago, the DEHOGA Federal Association published a paper on sustainable management in the hotel and catering industry. But the implementation of the necessary measures has so far hardly been sufficient. Therefore, if possible, you should book especially with landlords who have obviously already invested in climate protection and sustainable business.

Why the whole thing?

The global climate system is complicated and exposed to many influences. Above all, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or methane are changing the global climate. In such a way that it harms us humans and the nature in which we live.

The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research e. V. (PIK) describes the problem with the following metaphor: If you push a coffee cup a little over the edge of the desk, nothing happens at first. It becomes problematic when it reaches a critical point where it tips and falls. The coffee cup is synonymous with the climate. So far it's still pretty stable.

However, an international research team has identified some “tipping elements” on Earth that could radically unbalance it.

Thawing permafrost soils

The Arctic permafrost in Siberia and North America are a globally important carbon store. With increasing warming, large amounts can be released and significantly accelerate global warming.

Less sea ice at the poles

Sunbeams are currently being reflected back into space by ice and snow. If the ice melts due to global warming, it can no longer reflect the radiation and the earth continues to heat up.

Deforestation and fires in the primeval forests

The Amazon rainforest and the boreal coniferous forests in Canada and Siberia suffer from periods of drought, fires and ongoing deforestation. Large amounts of carbon are stored in each tree, which is released into the atmosphere if the tree burns down, for example.

Carbon uptake by the sea

So far the sea has had a tremendous effect. Around 40 percent of anthropogenic CO2 emissions were stored in the sea, mainly in algae. But due to the increasing temperatures, the oxygen content of the sea decreases, so that fewer algae grow. The result: the ocean absorbs significantly less CO2.

Gulf Stream is slowing down

Should the Gulf Stream stop circulating at some point, the consequences would be severe. For example, there could be more extreme weather in Europe.

Which measures save carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Greenpeace names ten energy saving tips that really help the climate

1. Electricity from the independent eco-provider
2. By bike, bus or train to work
3. Less meat on the plate
4. Cancel short-haul flights
5. Organic from the region in the basket
6. Turn down the heating
7. Full machine, low temperature
8. Leave energy guzzlers in the store
9. Bye-bye standby
10. Illumination with LEDs

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