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Important booking criteria

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The criteria that most guests use when choosing and booking a vacation rental can vary depending on individual preferences and needs.

It is important for vacation rental owners to know what criteria most guests consider when choosing a vacation rental, as this will help them tailor their offerings to the needs and preferences of their potential guests.

When landlords understand what criteria are most important to their target audience, they can equip and market their vacation rentals accordingly.

For example, landlords who know that many guests prefer a central location can offer their vacation rentals near attractions, shopping, and restaurants.

Overall, vacation rental landlords can be more competitive if they know the most important criteria when choosing a vacation rental for their guests and if they target and market their offers accordingly.

However, here are some of the most common criteria that guests consider when choosing and booking a vacation rental:

As a landlord of holiday homes and temporary apartments, you should consider these criteria when creating your apartment advertisements.


Many guests prefer a central location near attractions, shopping, dining, and public transportation. Others prefer a remote location in nature or close to beaches.

When it comes to the location of the holiday apartment, you should describe the environment in more detail. Which district is it? What shops, sights and companies are near the apartment? Is there public or private parking? Also attach 1-2 photos of the surroundings of the apartment.


Hinsichtlich der Optik einer Unterkunft wird der Gast in erster Linie nach den Fotos gehen. Erstellen Sie helle und freundliche Fotos von Ihrer Ferienwohnung, die das Gefühl von Geborgenheit, Gemütlichkeit, Attraktivität, Ordnung und Sauberkeit vermitteln.

Aber beschönigen Sie nichts - z. Bsp. durch Bildbearbeitungsprogramme - die Bilder sollten realistisch bleiben. Erläutern Sie, wie groß die Wohnung ist, wann die letzte Renovierung durchgeführt wurde und was renoviert wurde.


Price plays an important role when choosing a vacation rental. Many guests are looking for accommodation that is within their budget and offers good value for money.

You can calculate the overnight price or use rental prices in your city as a guide. We also recommend seasonally adjusted prices when renting holiday apartments and holiday homes.

In advertisements you should ensure transparent cancellation conditions and final prices including final cleaning and other ancillary services. This is legally required by the Price Indication Ordinance.

Rule of thumb: the higher the demand, the higher the prices.


The equipment of the holiday apartment is another important criterion. Guests often pay attention to the size of the apartment, the number of rooms and bathrooms, the availability of kitchen appliances and amenities such as WiFi, air conditioning, TV and parking.

Families with children usually need 2 bedrooms. Make sure that the facilities are child-friendly (high chairs, cots, toys, etc.).

Also describe the condition of the kitchen and the utensils (dishes, cutlery, spices, cooking oils, coffee, tea, etc.) and cleaning products present.

Most guests also want quality furniture in good condition and are happy about small gifts (flowers, drinks, coffee, maps and calendar of events, seasonal decorations).

It can also be advantageous to allow small pets and to provide a few appropriate utensils. You can ask for an additional fee for pets.

For entertainment purposes, many guests want TV sets with satellite or cable connection (better: smart TV), radio, CD player, Internet connection with WLAN connection, books, magazines and board games.

You can also collect additional plus points from your guests for bicycles, a terrace or balcony with garden furniture, a barbecue, a pool, a sauna, a fireplace, etc.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are important factors for many guests when choosing a vacation rental. Guests expect the apartment to be clean and tidy, and for bed linen and towels to be changed regularly.

Cancellation policy

Many guests prefer booking terms that are flexible and allow free cancellation should their plans change.


The safety of the holiday home and the surrounding area is an important criterion for many guests. Guests want to be assured that the home is safe and secure and that there are no hazards in the area.


Last but not least, guests like to use authentic reviews from other guests as a guide. If the reviews are credible, they carry a lot of weight in the purchase decision. Every important online marketplace now offers ratings and reviews to help those interested in making purchase or rental decisions. Reviews are particularly popular when choosing a holiday apartment.

They serve both as orientation and advice. In this way, potential tenants can benefit from the experiences of other guests and have the feeling that they are not alone. The hosts also benefit from the ratings because they find out how your housing offer is actually perceived on the market and can make improvements if necessary. If landlords do not keep their promises, they receive bad ratings, which in turn can have a negative impact on future business development.

Landlords should therefore not make any promises in their advertisements that they cannot keep later. Instead, they should inform potential guests objectively about the accommodation on offer. In addition, landlords should draw the attention of their target group to the offer with attractive photos of the premises, an objective and friendly description of the holiday apartment, information on the area and shopping possibilities, transport connections, etc.

Transparent final prices and a well-maintained booking calendar are also important.

Last but not least, we recommend that you react quickly to booking inquiries or search requests via our portal, i.e. within 24 hours if possible. Because many guests send inquiries to different portals. Often the following applies here: "First come, first served!"

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