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Medical tourism is currently a worldwide trend and the result of progressive globalization. Conceptually, this refers to the cross-border use of medical services. Patients' countries of origin often lack the appropriate treatment options. In other cases you want to avoid waiting times or save costs. Many countries are currently promoting patients from other countries, including Germany, USA, Switzerland, Israel, India, Thailand and Singapore.
A distinction should be made between medical tourism and health tourism. Health tourism is primarily about preserving physical and mental performance, and it also likes to take advantage of attractive tourist conditions such as healthy climate, cuisine and culture. In contrast, medical tourism is disease-induced. These are regularly patients looking for the best and / or cheapest treatment option for their disease worldwide.

Since foreign guests are usually self-payers and are not compensated by lump-sum payments, they represent an attractive target group for German hospitals. Accordingly, these clinics invest considerable effort in attracting foreign patients.
The experts agree. The German healthcare system enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. That is why medical tourism is also booming in North Rhine-Westphalia. While 2,000 patients from other countries came to Essen for medical treatment at the University Hospital in Essen in 2014, there are now almost 4,000 people.

In addition to Essen/Ruhr, cities such as Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf are among the leading medical destinations in Germany. All of them are regarded as locations for university high-tech and cutting-edge medicine. Particularly in the fields of oncology, radiology, proton therapy, cardiology and ophthalmology, the local physicians have developed some competitive advantages.
The medical tourists come mainly from the EU, Russia, Ukraine and the Arab Gulf States. Even if modern hospitals have often already been established in the countries of origin, there is often a lack of appropriately qualified personnel and experience in dealing with modern technology.

Examples of some university clinics and specialist clinics for which we provide patient apartments:
University Hospital Essen *
University Hospital Cologne *
University Hospital Bochum
Heart and Diabetes Center Bad Oeynhausen
* Clinics are among the top centers of cancer medicine in Germany according to "Deutsche Krebshilfe"

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