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Quality promise

Every guest should be allowed to feel comfortable in our apartments. That is why we have separated from numerous landlords in the past few years because of various poor performance. Unfortunately, however, it does happen in individual cases that some landlords do not fulfill their obligations adequately. In order to prevent further breaches of contract by our landlords, we would like to point out the following again:

The guest has the right to be provided the holiday apartment for the contractual use, i.e. the apartment must be clean, have the agreed equipment and size and the furnishings must be complete and usable.

In addition, every guest can be confident that the vacation rentals on offer comply with our quality guidelines.

For accommodation contracts (guest accommodation contracts) the tenancy law §§ 535 ff. BGB applies, provided the landlord is not a tour operator (travel law).

If the landlord does not meet his obligations, the guest has the following rights:

1.) Remedy

This must always be the first step. Give the landlord a grace period to remedy the defects.

2.) Elimination of the defect by the guest

If the landlord does not comply, the guest can remedy the defect himself. The landlord must reimburse the guest for this.

3.) Reduction of the rental price

A reduction in the rental price is possible for the period in which the defect was present.

4.) Compensation

In addition, the guest can claim compensation if
a.) if the defect already existed when the contract was concluded
b.) if the lessor is responsible for the defect after conclusion of the contract
c.) if the landlord is in arrears with the remedy of the defect and the guest experiences further damage

5.) Termination without notice

The guest can give notice without notice if a further stay is unreasonable for him (e.g. insults) or if there is a risk to health.

Further claims

On the basis of the tenancy law, a guest does not have any further claims (e.g. lost vacation enjoyment or similar). This is only reserved for cases that are to be assessed according to travel law.

Securing evidence

In the event of a later lawsuit, you should take appropriate photos with your smartphone that document the defect. Also write down the time of the recording.

(Source: see DTV Deutscher Tourismusverband e.V.)

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Aktualisiert: 10.11.2021

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