Quality guidelines

Qualität unserer Apartments

No matter in which German metropolis you are looking for apartments for the medium and long term. Our guests can expect to feel at home in their second home.

Our landlords are responsible for compliance with the following quality standards and take on all cleaning and repair work.

General Minimum Criteria

§ 1 Self-contained housing units

The holiday apartments offered are self-contained residential units with a separate entrance door, their own sanitary area, self-catering facilities and a living and sleeping area.

All rooms have adjustable heating, sockets and adequate lighting. Living rooms and bedrooms have at least one outside window.

The bathroom contains at least one toilet, sink and a shower or bath.

The self-catering facility includes at least one kitchenette with fridge and sink and a dining table with chairs.

§ 2 Order and Cleanliness

The apartments and the outdoor area are regularly tidied up, cleaned and maintained. Therefore there is no rubbish, mold, bad smells, mildew stains, vermin, other gross dirt or the like in the apartments. In particular, the kitchen, bathroom and the beds, mattresses and covers are in a neat and hygienically perfect condition.

§ 3 Functionality

All equipment and furnishings are functional. Seating furniture and mattresses are not worn out or worn out.

§ 4 Equipment of the apartment

The apartments are equipped with TV, internet and radio/music system. There is also a clock, a mirror and a wardrobe.

Access to the Internet is wireless. TV devices have at least one cable, satellite or DVBT connection.

§ 5 Miscellaneous

Basic kitchen, hygiene and cleaning utensils are provided.

§ 6 Quality Control

The condition and cleanliness of the apartments can be checked by our quality officer if required or on a random basis.

Alloggia star categories

Sterne Ferienwohnung

In addition, Alloggia.de awards a maximum of three stars for holiday apartments, depending on the quality level: 

* 1 star

The equipment is simple but functional. Overall, the property is clean, tidy and all furnishings and equipment are functional. However, the object may show age-related wear and tear.

** 2 stars

The property makes a homely and attractive impression. The equipment is of good quality and offers average comfort. The apartment has been renovated in the past 10 years. The bathroom, kitchen, floors and walls were also renovated and electrical appliances renewed. Age-related signs of wear and tear in the apartment are hardly visible.

*** 3 stars

The property makes a first-class overall impression and offers superior comfort. Bathroom, kitchen, floors as well as furnishings and equipment are of high quality and show hardly any signs of wear and tear due to age.

Classification of serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are fully furnished living units that always have a fully equipped self-catering facility (kitchen or kitchenette), a private bathroom and at least a functionally separate living and sleeping area and offer hotel-like services. Different service levels - from limited to full service - are possible.

In order to give our guests a quick overview of what we have to offer, we have divided our serviced apartments into four different quality classes. When classifying, we focus particularly on the quality of service, the features, the residential area and infrastructure around the house as well as the transport connections.

A+ (Economy)

Compact but fully equipped apartments for individuals with unbeatable value for money

A++ (Value)

Compact but fully equipped apartments for two people with medium quality standards and good value for money

A+++ (Superior)

Spacious apartments for more than two people, ideal for business guests and couples with high demands

A++++ (Excellent)

Representative apartments with luxurious furnishings and a touch of extravagance in a unique residential area


The topics of environmental and climate protection have continued to gain in importance. Ecological sustainability has become one of the social and political guiding principles. Therefore, environmentally conscious management is increasingly a criterion when choosing a holiday apartment or a hotel.

Nachhaltigkeit Ferienwohnung und Hotel

In order to operate a hotel sustainably or to rent out a holiday apartment, several points must be observed:

Energy efficiency

The building should be energy efficient, with good insulation, energy efficient appliances and the use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy.

Water consumption

Efficient water management should be implemented, including water conservation measures, rainwater harvesting and recycling of gray water where appropriate.

Waste reduction and recycling

By implementing a waste management system, waste can be reduced, recycled and reused. Using eco-friendly packaging and encouraging recycling are also important.

Sustainable Sourcing

Choosing eco-friendly materials and products, preferably locally or regionally produced, helps minimize environmental impact and supports local economies.

Eco-friendly cleaning

The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes reduces the impact on the environment and the health of guests and employees.

Guest Education

By providing information about sustainable practices and incentives to participate, guests can be encouraged to make environmentally responsible choices, e.g. B. to reduce the change of towels or to use public transport.

Conservation and Biodiversity

The hotel or holiday home should promote the protection and conservation of the surrounding nature and biodiversity, e.g. B. by creating near-natural gardens or supporting nature conservation projects.

Social responsibility

A sustainable operation should also assume social responsibility by supporting local communities, promoting fair working conditions and striving for integration with local culture and traditions.

These points are fundamental to running a hotel or holiday home sustainably and making a positive contribution to the environment and society.

With the DEHOGA environmental check, there is now a practicable and affordable instrument in the hospitality industry, with which the company's environmental commitment can be communicated to the outside world. Alternatively, landlords and hoteliers can e.g. For example, also apply for the EU Ecolabel.

We will highlight acquired environmental labels accordingly in our apartment advertisements.

General informations

The information provided on the website www.alloggia.de about the respective holiday apartments corresponds to the actual conditions and is updated regularly. The respective landlords are responsible for the information you provide.

Alloggia Ferienwohnungen GbR cannot guarantee this. In the event of multiple or serious violations of our quality guidelines, Alloggia Ferienwohnungen GbR will terminate cooperation with the respective landlord.


Porta Westfalica (Germany), den 4.10.18

(revised 26.5.23)

Alloggia Ferienwohnungen GbR

- Alexander Klein -

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