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Temporary living

What is temporary living?

Temporary living is a modern and very flexible way of living for people who only need a fully furnished apartment for a few weeks or a few months. These are furnished and usually fully equipped apartments that are rented for a limited period.

This living concept originally comes from the USA, where business travelers are increasingly looking for flexible, fully furnished and comfortable. In a globalized and fast-moving world, high mobility is now one of the most important success factors in a professional career. That is why temporary living is now also very popular in Germany. Compared to a hotel, temporary apartments or temporary holiday apartments and serviced apartments are often significantly cheaper, more spacious, more comfortable and more likely to convey the feeling of being at home.

Depending on the type of provider, a distinction is made between private residential and commercial offers. With private providers, the furnished apartments can be rented for a period of 2 months to a year. Commercial properties are often serviced apartments or boarding houses that can be rented for as little as one day. In essence, however, temporary living is not about tourism, but about furnished living space that is made available in the medium and long term.

Who is temporary living suitable for?

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Temporary living is particularly suitable for young professionals, specialists and executives, consultants, commuters, project staff, digital nomads, other professional travelers and students. Temporary renting of a temporary apartment can also be a sensible solution for extensive structural work or renovation work due to water damage.

What should you watch out for in temporary living?

In addition to a written rental agreement, the contracting parties should also draw up an inventory list when handing over the apartment. This list contains all furniture and furnishings as well as their current condition. If you want to be on the safe side, take a few photos of the current state of the apartment when handing over. The rental agreement should contain clear rules as to who is responsible for damage to the apartment.

In the case of short-term rental, the provider is completely free in terms of the rental prices. In addition to the quality and scope of the equipment, the location and the contract period in particular must be taken into account when determining the price. In the case of long-term rental, the rental price is calculated on the basis of the local comparative rent. The rent usually includes all additional costs. In addition, the landlord can demand a surcharge for the complete furnishing.

In Germany, no invoices are issued for rent. Something different applies to short-term rentals with a term of up to 6 months. In these cases, the tenant must also pay 7% VAT and the landlord is obliged to issue a corresponding invoice.

As a rule, the landlord will ask for a deposit that corresponds to the furnishings of the apartment. If you would like to have 100% of the deposit refunded after moving out of the apartment, you should follow a few rules.

Rules for temporary living

- Read the rental agreement carefully. It contains all the essential rules
- Do not have parties in the apartment
- Pets only after consultation with the landlord
- Not an infinite number of visitors in the apartment
- Brush regularly and do small cosmetic repairs if necessary
- No illegal downloads and uploads
- When moving out, hand in all the keys
- In the event of damage, inform the landlord immediately
- Don't waste energy
- If not done yet: take out private liability insurance

If you want to rent an apartment on a temporary basis, the following documents are usually sufficient:
- ID or passport
- Proof of income (e.g. salary statements and employment contract)
- Schufa information (for German tenants)

Employee apartment

Due to the shortage of skilled workers, many companies are faced with the challenge of finding qualified employees and retaining them in the long term. A good salary alone is often not enough. Employee apartments are therefore one of the instruments of good personnel policy. The first company apartments or service apartments near the workplace existed a few decades ago. Factory settlements around the coal mines in the Ruhr area are a typical example. Progressive globalization has resulted in a high level of mobility for many employees. That is why the classic concept of employee apartments is experiencing a renaissance today in the form of temporary apartments, business apartments and serviced apartments.

Business apartment

Digitization enables many employees and business travelers to work anywhere. For this reason, some new job profiles such as E.g. digital nomads developed. These people can do their job anywhere in the world that they like. However, business travelers who regularly attend business appointments in another city need a business apartment that is fully geared to the needs of business travelers and, in addition to a cozy retreat, also offers a work space.

Serviced apartment

Serviced apartments are mainly found in metropolitan areas or in the central locations of large cities. These are small, furnished apartments with their own bathroom and kitchenette. The housing offer is considered to be ready to move in only with a suitcase, i.e. H. the tenant does not have to worry about furniture or inventory when moving into an apartment. A ready-to-move apartment is therefore a further development of furnished living. Guests can rent serviced apartments for short, medium and long term periods. In contrast to the usual living concepts, you can also offer various services such as cleaning, laundry, reception and others. take advantage of. Serviced apartments thus take up elements of the hotel industry, but at the same time offer greater privacy. The offer is aimed primarily at business travelers who work on projects, at trade fairs or in branches for a certain period of time and need accommodation for this purpose. This living concept is now becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well.


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