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Temporary living - rent a furnished apartment

Minimum rental period 2 months

Max. monthly rent €: 


What is temporary living?

In a globalized and fast-paced world, high mobility is now one of the most important success factors of a career. Whether you are looking for a temporary job or an internship, temporary accommodation offers many the convenience of being able to temporarily rent furnished accommodation in another city and move in immediately. Here, more and more people prefer furnished apartments opposite hotels and guesthouses, as they are comparatively cheaper and also convey the homely feeling of their own four walls. Even with a permanent, job-related relocation, the model "temporary living" can make sense, because you have a transitional apartment and can relax on the spot looking for a permanent home. The target groups of temporary living are mainly freelancers, the self-employed, executives, technicians, commuters, pensioners and travelers.

The term "temporary living" or "temporary living" combines very different living concepts such as "boarding house", "apartment hotel" or "serviced apartments". However, they all have one thing in common: it is about the temporary rental of furnished living space. These are always fully furnished apartments with their own bathroom and kitchen.

The quality and equipment of the apartment is usually based on the rental price, which is usually adjusted to the local rental rates. For furniture, household items, services and utilities, a surcharge is included in the agreed rental price. Often, breakfast and room service or similar. to be booked.

Even when staying on time regulates a lease the rights and obligations of the contractors. After the last reform of the tenancy law, it is now necessary for temporary leases to state reasons for the time limit. Thereafter, for example, a time limit come into question if the landlord wants to use the apartment after the deadline or the apartment is rented to another tenant. Any other reasons are inadmissible and lead to the lease being considered as indefinite. Repair costs are to be borne by law only by the landlord. Deviating from this, however, a small repair clause can be agreed. Repair costs up to a maximum of 100 € are then borne by the renter. It should be noted that graduated rents and future rent increases must be recorded in writing in the lease.
Temporary accommodation is an alternative to permanent rental, which is becoming increasingly popular due to increasing flexibility in the job market. Especially in big cities like Hamburg, Munich and Berlin or other cities with a strong exhibition culture, the need for serviced apartments is growing.

Special case: temporary apartment for renovation

With extensive construction work in your rented apartment, the temporary renting of a replacement apartment can be a practical solution. Your landlord will usually offer you a replacement apartment, if a whereabouts in the apartment to be renovated is no longer reasonable. This is often the case with water damage, moisture, mold, fire, broken electrical or heating system and for example, in the modernization of sanitary facilities, windows and doors.
Basically, however, the landlord is not required to provide a replacement apartment. In this case, tenants would only have a claim to rent reduction and would have to take care of themselves for a replacement apartment.

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